Setrega: a global analytical regulatory platform

Setreal is the global regulatory analytical platform that offers a comprehensive solution for financial institutions to meet one or more regulatory authorities. Through highly customizable and end-to-end automation, CurreEG customers help configure report data, API, Connection Configurations / Integration, Report Generation Requirements, Report validation requirements, send mode reports and commentary management. As a global regulatory analytical platform, setrega is designed to be integrated with any financial services company to receive regulatory data and process them to regulatory reports on specific TikTok Analytics Platform formats with minimal adjustment effort.
Currently, all financial institutions are experiencing problems with the dynamic changes in regulatory requirements, the implementation risks associated with regulatory reports and the management of regulatory reporting report. All financial institutions are forced to adapt to these challenges and constantly seek solutions that are profitable and accurate, with real-time feedback management. Settler senses comply with this emerging environment by supporting various regulatory authorities with an automatic end-to-end solution.
Prescribed proven regulation – Esma – Mifir / Mifid II, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), financial superintendence of Colombia (SFC), etc.
The significant benefits of the global regulatory analytical platform are,

Automation capacity

Financial institutions gain the benefit of preparing and sending regulatory reports without manual.
Comply with new regulations without risk.

Setrea offers a flexible data source figuration, API mapping and report format changes with the minimum adjustment at the product level, which guarantees the relief of regulatory and compliance risks for financial institutions in various regions.

Depending on the settings typing type buying side / selling side / places, setrega is scalable in terms of a growing number of compounds, volume data humon, plus reports and formats, greater number of shipping ways and regulatory authorities.

Managing a large amount of data challenges in data management to the audit; Selloga makes it more accessible by allowing customers to have full control over the power of the powerful data transparency method. Settlement Board acts as a unique store for all regulatory reports for financial institutions. A large control panel in segment offers all historical, current and scheduled regulatory reports and its internal and external states in graphic and table representation.

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