Pizza Stone Set with Cutter and Rolling Pin

Product Description

Save Money and Prepare Gourmet Pizzas At Home with the Best Pizza Stone by Chefcoo!

Are you a huge pizza fan, but don’t have the time or money to install a traditional stone pizza oven in your kitchen?

No worries.

With this premium quality, cordierite pizza stone by Chefcoo you will be able to enjoy mouth watering pizzas from the comfort of your home at the fraction of a cost!

Not All Pizza Stones Are Alike – The Proof Is In the Crust!

Thick and durable, with a non-stick surface, this professional pizza stone is designed to retain heat for longer and get impeccable crust results.

Perfectly resistant to thermal shocks, it is made to last and perform excellently every time.

Make Your Very Own, Homemade Pizza from Scratch!

Unleash your creativity and add in all your favorite ingredients to prepare the most delicious, heavenly tasting pizza from scratch.

Too tired? Simply toss in a frozen one and the results will amaze you.

Ready to Use Right Out of the Box

This pizza stone requires no oiling or seasoning and is ready to use right out of the box. Simply follow the easy instructions and you’ll be enjoying freshly baked pizza with your family and friends in a whiz!

Directions for Safe Use:

Wash thoroughly with soap and water before use.
Place your pizza stone into the oven before you start pre-heating.
Once the oven is pre-heated, slide your pizza onto the red coating side of the stone, using a pizza peel.
Avoid cutting into the red cooking surface and use wooden or plastic utensils to maximize life.
Wait until the stone has cooled before washing.

Order Your Pizza Stone Today and Enjoy Delicious, Crispy Pizzas Every Time!

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