In Touch Weekly Magazine: One of the pioneers of news coverage

Launched in 2002 at Touch Weekly as a resource for consumers looking for a cheap way to catch up with celebrity news. This magazine is the perfect choice, as so many people are looking for objective sources that are not written in tabloid style.

It is a popular choice among many daijah wright young people because of its much cheaper coverage price than the People of US Weekly, which provide the same type of information.

One of the most striking features of In Touch Weekly publications is to use some of the best photos found in magazines. The pictures are almost honest, but very high quality. In addition to these extraordinary photographs of current celebrities, the fact that there are very few ads is the magazine’s most popular feature. You can see that almost all numbers contain less than 10 pages with ads, many of which are not full page size.

All InTouch subscription issues include the most important topics about celebrity, news, lifestyle, style and cover stories. The Celebrity section is the largest part of the magazine, as news about the stars is discussed on almost every page. Within these sections, readers will catch up with their favorite TV and movie stars in the news, the latest information about their family life, the best clothes celebrities are wearing, and some detailed cover stories based on facts. I can. .. Other features of the magazine page allow readers to enjoy a little more of the weekly horoscope “Stars Up”, the weekly crossword puzzle “Relaxing Time”, and the current TV series summary “Best of the Week”. A new movie and “last word” for some interesting quotes spoken by increasingly celebrities. Many subscribers find that they keep up with the latest gossip announcements and continue to buy InTouch subscriptions so they can have a little more fun over the weekend.

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