Gifts For Whisky Drinkers

Speaking as a whisky drinker myself, I know that it’s not precisely hard to pick out a gift for one. A first-rate bottle of unmarried malt will usually be gratefully obtained. However, in case you’re no longer positive simply what sort of whisky your gift recipient might revel in, or in case you simply need something it truly is a little specific – and a bit greater everlasting – you continue to have plenty of alternatives. Here are only a few suggestions:

A Whisky Flask

Any whisky lover can be thrilled to acquire a whisky flask – additionally called a “hip flask” – as a gift. These are very handy if a person needs to experience a wee nip of whisky hong kong whisky at the same time as they are out and approximately. They also can be very ornamental.

Don’t worry an excessive amount of that your present recipient may have already got one. There are such a lot of special patterns and materials to pick out from that a small collection of hip flasks is a very proper thing to have.

You additionally have the choice of personalizing your present through having it engraved must you desire. A quality whisky flask will remaining for years – and your whisky lover will toast you whenever they have got a little drink to preserve the cold out.

A Whisky Decanter

Whisky decanters make certainly elegant items and, much like the hip flasks mentioned earlier, they may final for years. You can choose a decanter on its personal, that’s a very suitable present, or you can choose a decanter and glass set.

Once once more, if you wanted to, you may have your gift personalised by way of having a message engraved on it.

Whisky Glasses

A right whisky glass can sincerely decorate the whisky tasting enjoy. A great, cut crystal tumbler, one which is a nice size and weight, continually feels proper to your hand when you’re sipping an excellent highland malt.

Special “nosing” glasses – additionally referred to as “copitas” and “dock glasses” – are getting very popular as nicely. They have a very unique tulip form which channels the aroma of the whisky to the taster’s nose. Some of them include glass discs which are placed over the mouth of the glass for a couple of minutes after swirling the whisky about. That traps the fumes and makes it less complicated for the taster to enjoy the bouquet.

These glasses have been first utilized by traders and vintners on the docks to sample wines and spirits before agreeing a fee – therefore the alternative name of dock glass. They make an uncommon gift that’s sure to delight any whisky lover.

Books About Whisky

Even the maximum devoted whisky lover will warfare to pattern all the whiskies available global. There are thousands of different varieties. A fine, properly illustrated, e-book on whisky could be an amazing preference as a present. It will let your whisky fan plan his next tipple nicely in advance.

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