0, 2, 613, or 10 Commandments?

As hard as it’s miles to consider, the continued lifestyles of existence on Earth relies upon upon the Christian Muslim and Jewish human beings resolving as soon as and for all, are there zero, 2, 613, or 10 commandments? Ask any faculty baby. The answer is straightforward. There are 10 commandments. Ah that it have been so simple.

Today, Nov. Eight, 2005, the American humans, courts, and armies of lawyers are locked in a struggle to the stop over whether or not or no longer it’s miles prison to publish the ten commandments in courts, colleges and government homes. How would one submit the 0 commandments?

3,two hundred years ago, God of Mount Sinai, aka God the Father, The Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Allah, Elohim, Adonai, and Hashem, carved 10 commandments Himself in stone Christian Blog on 2 tablets and exceeded them to Moses. Moses went down Mount Sinai and saw the Jewish humans drinking and dancing and worshipping round a golden cow. In his disgust, Moses smashed the two drugs to the ground, and went again up Mount Sinai. There, Moses carved the ten commandments in stone himself, and went down the mountain, where the 10 commandments were located into an ark, the Ark of the Covenant wherein they remained in various tents, till King Solomon constructed The Temple of God of Mount Sinai on Mount Zion in Jerusalem in 900 BC.

This is all according to the Old Testament, the Jewish Holy Bible, which has now been incorporated as the Holy Scripture of Christianity and Islam additionally. Now here is wherein the hassle starts. According to the Old Testament, after Moses comes down Mount Sinai God takes him off to the side, and publicizes any other 603 commandments, making a complete of 613 commandments for the Jewish human beings to obey each and each one in every of them or else God will wipe them all out, as He drowned everybody on Earth in the flood, for now not obeying Him, all besides for Noah, his wife, his three sons, and their wives. And, as God had incinerated the 2 towns of Sodom and Gomorrah for not obeying Him. And as God had banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden for not obeying Him. And as God parted the Red Sea and drowned the Egyptian Army for enslaving the Jewish human beings for masses of years.

1,2 hundred years after God carved the 10 commandments at Mount Sinai, a Jewish born Rabbi, Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Christianity and Islam become born. Islam additionally included the New Testament into their Holy Scriptures and then delivered on The Koran. According to the New Testament, the four Gospels plus 23 other books, the spirit of Jesus Christ advised Paul to abolish all 613 commandments of God of Mount Sinai, leaving zero commandments. Only religion in Christ changed into required. During His lifetime, according to the New Testament, Jesus boiled down the ten commandments to two commandments. Jesus also ordered absolutely everyone to obey the ten commandments. Jesus also commanded every person to obey every phrase that proceeded out of the mouth of God, all 613 commandments. It is difficult to obey the Word of God whilst you don’t know what it’s far, don’t you think?

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